Bladebound Magus


19 years of age, strong young man with longer black hair with a small streak of white that flows over the top of his head. It seems he takes his sword with him everywhere he goes. The sword is black like obsidian but smooth like silver.


When I was a young boy my grandfather was my hero. He was not only my hero but the hero of our town. My grandfather’s name is Clyde but you probably know him as the great wizard of East Canton. Growing up he taught me the trades of magic passed down to him by his father. I always found magic to be a wonderful talent and very intriguing. However as is with all great men he met his end too early. Unfortunately I was only a boy and had no understanding of a man’s world with the hard decisions that come with being a great hero. To this day I do not know the truth of my grandfather’s death. The only thing I know for sure is he was murdered by the people of my town for betraying our people. I was told never to speak of my grandfather, and as a result I have had no opportunity to find out what happened that winter of my 8th year. Growing up my father was very strict about my practice of magic, he told me clearly, “Your days of wizardry end with your grandfather, I will not see what happened to him happen to my only son.” It was then that we set out north to find a new home in Kassin. My father was a blacksmith in Canton, and a damn fine one at that. He has had me help him forge deadly weapons and powerful armor since I was old enough to hold a hammer. Over the years he taught me the ways of the sword hoping I would learn to protect myself without the use of magic. However my grandfather was nothing but kind and encouraging to me. To keep his memory alive I practiced magic every day in secret. While in Kassin a man saw me practicing my arcane arts and approached me. His name was Holgarth and he assisted me in my arcane training. His methods of teaching were…. questionable… However, In time I became proficient in using magic to enhance my physical combat abilities to improve my strengths. I will continue to improve myself and go where I must to learn the truth of that day. I will clear my grandfather’s name and history will show he was a hero. My name is Lawk son of Calius, and though you may not have heard my name before today, I promise you, you will hear it again.


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